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About Course Evaluations

This statement describes the purposes and uses of the course evaluation data at Marylhurst University.

Who reads the course evaluations?

Your instructor and your instructor's department chair.

What is done with the information?

Your instructor uses the feedback from the class to improve his/her teaching and the student's experience in the course. The department chair uses the feedback to help the instructor improve his/her teaching and to make changes to the course and/or program that benefit students.

How have course evaluations improved Marylhurst's courses?

Examples of the types of changes that have actually been made at Marylhurst as a result of course evaluations:

  • Changes have been made to courses and teaching strategies, including but not limited to: decreasing the number of online discussions, changing the textbook, clarifying the purpose of in-class activities, devoting more in-class time to experiential learning and decreasing lecture time, adding readings from multi-cultural perspectives, increasing field experiences, changing the type of software students are required to use in order to facilitate learning
  • Chairs have determined what support and mentoring opportunities instructors need to further their professional development
  • Instructors may be invited to teach more classes because of the high quality of their teaching, indicated in part by their consistently strong course evaluation feedback from students
  • New courses have been created in a timely fashion to meet the changing learning or professional needs of students

It's Anonymous

We value your feedback because it helps us serve you better. We want you to tell us what you really think which is why these course evaluations are ANONYMOUS.

When you login, we are able to collect the names of courses you've taken to make sure that we get accurate and meaningful results. When you commit your evaluation we store your results with an anonymous identifier and we make a note that you've completed the evaluation. We do NOT associate your login name with your feedback.


If you cannot access your course evaluations, please contact the Help Desk by email at helpdesk@marylhurst.edu or by phone at 503-699-6318 or toll-free at 1-800-634-9982 ext. 6318.